Every year, Forbes makes a list of the top earning you-tubers, and Ryan was in 8th place.Not too bad for a 7 year old.When I was 6 I was nowhere near as cool Ryan actually started doing his video reviews when he was only 4 years old.

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Ryan’s toy review

The video that kind of sparked his popularity was from July 2015, and it featured him reviewing giant egg containing toys from pixars car series.That video blew up and as it stands right, it now has close to 800 million views.

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Ryan Toys review has 18 million subscribers, and it makes him 1 million a month in advertising revenue.That’s not even including brand deals.Kids love Ryan Toys review.They watch his videos for hours upon hours every day.

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The videos themselves are not that intricate.Many of them just feature Ryan unboxing and playing with toys.His most popular video is from April 13th 2016, and his mother filmed him crawling through an inflatable water slide, looking for giant Easter eggs.So, what can you do to be a you-tube boss like Ryan toys review?


Well firstly, his parents are really good at clickbaiting. Im gonna assume that its his parents that are doing all the back end stuff.Most of his popular videos involve the word “surprise” in the title in all caps.Giant Egg Surprise, Huge Eggs surprise Challenge, balloon pop surprise thing that makes Ryan toys review different from other review channels, is Ryan doesn’t really describe one toy as better than another.He just plays with them all.His channel is so influential that when he likes a toy, it affects how many people buy it for their kids.Drastically.It also kinda helps that Ryan is adorable.He is constantly smiling, being silly, and he has a really cheeky personality.He’s personable and camera friendly.For the kids that watch him, Ryan is not only a you-tuber, he is their friend, and watching him is like hanging out with him.

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Ryan’s family runs is channel.His videos feature commentary from both Ryan and his parents.But perhaps the thing about Ryan and his channel that I like the most, his parents donate the toys to charity after Ryan reviews them.


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