Airline passenger dies of COVID-19 on plane


A recently reported case in Texas would be the very first example of an airline passenger perishing of COVID-19 on a trip.

Even Though the incident occurred in July, it was just this week that Dallas County officials confirmed the Reason for death was COVID-19

“She died on an interstate highway airline flight, also did have inherent high risk health problems,” the bureau stated.

The report did not recognize the airline included, or even the airports in which the girl departed and came.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins advised that the regional NBC TV affiliate which the girl was having difficulty breathingand after the plane had landed,”they attempted to give her oxygen. It wasn’t effective, and she expired on the jetway,” Jenkins said in a meeting.

It was uncertain whether the girl knew she had the disorder when she stopped. Important airlines started requiring passengers to put on face masks board in May, however it was not until over two weeks later they actually begun to crack down on violators after too many complaints and internet videos from passengers demonstrating that the rule frequently wasn’t enforced.

Some U.S. airports also have begun pilot programs to assess passengers’ temperatures in a bid to stop ill passengers by getting on a plane. Frontier Airlines is the sole big U.S. carrier which has a company policy of assessing every passenger’s temperature in the airport — it has been performing since June.

Airlines and airports have been advocating that the federal government to enforce a nationwide system of passenger fever tests, to be undertaken by the Transportation Security Administration in its screening checkpoints. Universal temperature tests are a lot more prevalent at overseas airports.

The bill would provide the bureau 120 days to conduct pilot testing of different temperature testing technologies, then another 90 days to make a federal strategy to implement the policy.

Critics assert that temperature tests would not be 100% successful since people that were recently infected with an COVID-19 virus but were not yet showing signs — such as a fever — would not be identified from the process.



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