At this month’s new i phone event Tim Cook confirmed what most of us knew all along the cheap iPhone 10 r is the company’s best-selling phone so how does Apple take that success and try to keep that momentum going
well if your Apple in this case you cook up a few colours you add a camera you make sure the new cheap model is as fast as the expensive one sand you sell all that for a little bit less that’s the iPhone 11 and a nutshell and yeah!! the formula is pretty straightforward, but that’s fine by me because the result is an iPhone that delivers among other things up-to-date performance and excellent battery life for$700

The iPhone 11 isn’t nearly as flashy as either of the new iPhone 11 pros but it doesn’t matter it’s still the best iPhone I think for most people let’s take a closer look I know what some of you are thinking right out of the gate the iPhone 11 looks a lot like last year 10 are well yeah!! you’re right the 11th frame is still made out of aluminium instead of steel and the 6.1 inch liquid Retina display up front that’s essentially the same screen we got a year ago I know that might rub some of you the wrong way since it technically does run at a sub 1080 pre solution and the nature of LCD screens means the phone has to have some notable bezels around it if that bugs you fair enough you’d better go look at the pros instead but for anyone who doesn’t plan to push their nose right up against that glass the screen is more than good enough it’s bright it reproduces colour well and when you’re using it at a normal distance from your face you’r never gonna have to worry about seeing individual pixels oh and since this screen is bigger than the iPhone 11 pro sand smaller than the pro maxes it s it’s in that Goldilocks zone of reading ability and ease of use this is the right sized iPhone for me and if Apple sales are any indication it’s right for a lot of other people too anyway aside from new color options like purple and this particularly lovely minty green the only real change here you’ll notice is the dual camera setup around back and that’s probably because it looks kind of weird I can’t see a bug-eyed baby alien with a pacifier when I look at this thing I might have more of a problem with that though if I didn’t enjoy using these cameras so much you’d probably spend most of your time with these standard 12 megapixel white cameras

so it’s a good thing it works as well as it does apple says the sensor is absolutely covered in focus pixels which kind of explains why it locks on to subjects so quickly and the on by default smart HDR gives your photos some slightly punchy your colors and some sharpen details the effect is not anywhere near as aggressive as what you’d see out of a Samsung camera and whether that’s a good thing is really up to you but I do have to say that Apple’s approach leads to somewhat neutral photos that more accurately depict what’s in front of you if that’s what you’re after this main camera also packs optical image stabilization and a wide F1.8 aperture so it’s a pretty solid performer in low-light – if you’re really planning to go not shooting inside bars or in the wee hours of the night you should probably rely on Apple’s new night mode which kicks in automatically
when it’s dark out when you’re shooting with the 11 in your hands it’ll usually capture three to five second exposures although that can reach up to thirty seconds if the phone is particularly still and the results are pretty good they’re not quite as vivid as what you’d get from a pixel three but then again they also don’t look like the camera tried to turn a night photo into a daytime shot Samsung’s cameras are especially guilty of that and Apple’s more measured approach here seems like the better way to go and then there’s that new ultra wide camera because it captures a hundred and twenty degrees field a few it’s really more of a pinch-hitter when you’re shooting landscapes are working in really tight spaces where you can’t move around and re frame their shots just to be absolutely clear the real draw with this camera is the extra sense of space and nuance against your photos it generally doesn’t make photos that are quite as crispy detailed as one shot with the standard wide camera but I think flexibility it gives you is generally worth the trade-off although
I’m sure not everyone will agree if nothing else though these super wide shots will still look good on a phone screen there are just a few other things I want to mention here since there are two of these cameras now you can take portrait photos of cats and dogs and really anything you want instead of just people’s faces the front-facing camera got a bump to 12 megapixels and it takes really great selfies too and if you can get over the really just bad name you’re going to slow shoot fees or slow motion video clips the frame rate tops out at 120 frames per second so don’t expect super slow motion but there are still plenty of weird fun to be had here oh and shooting video with the iPhone 11 is kind of a joy – you can shoot at resolutions as high as 4k 60 and the phone does a surprisingly good job of correctly exposing and saturating all of the different elements in your scene apart from lacking that telephoto camera using the iPhone 11 feels a lot like using the iPhone 11 Pro and the pro max that’s mostly because they all run iOS 13 and they all use the same a 13 Bionic chip set in other words the iPhone 11 costs $300 less than the iPhone 11 Pro when it doesn’t act like it does you’r getting full flagship performance here the thing to keep in mind is if you bought one of the new I Phones last year you’re probably not gonna notice a huge difference in performance
in fact if you bought one of the new i Phones last year you probably don’t need to worry about operating for a while anyway if you’ve been using the same phone for a couple years now though well you’re in for some big changes the a 13 Bionic is an incredibly fast chip and you’ll notice your apps launching and loading much faster than before especially if you’reusing a phone that older than the iPhone 10 visually intense games run like a dream here and thanks to some significant upgrades to the chips that’s a neural engine you’ll notice apps and services that rely on complex machine learning models running much better than be for these upgrades are especially helpful for augmented reality apps like IKE A place and Angry Birds they are the virtual objects you drop into the world around you are lit correctly and they feel more like rooted in the real world if only just if there was one reason why I loved last year’s iPhone 10 are so much it was because of its fantastic battery life it lasted longer than any iPhone I had tested up until then because the A13 was designed to run more efficiently this year’s iPhone 11 does even better if only by a little bit I could usually count on the 10-hour to last around 15 to 16 hours on a single charge but the iPhone 11 has hit up to 17 hours that’snot a huge increase but considering how good 10 our users had it last year the factory we’ve got better battery life here even marginally is I think worth a golf clap right so yeah the iPhone 11 is a pretty impressive little package given the price the interesting thing is it stands to get better very soon to all of the iPhone 11 s we’ll get the iOS 13.1 update around September 30th which will iron out some of the camera and interface bugs that mostly experience on the iPhone pros that update will also make use of the currently dormant u1 ultra wide band chip inside these devices by allowing iPhone 11 and pro owners to airdrop files to each other by pointing their phones at people and beyond all that the iPhone 11 will get apples deep fusion camera features sometime this fall if everything the company says about this computational photography tool is accurate it could turn these iPhones into real serious pixel for camera competitors at the end of it all it’s hard not to like the iPhone 11 it takes almost everything that makes the iPhone 11 pro and pro Mac’s special and squeezes it down into a package that more people get to benefit from it’s probably not worth buying if you have an iPhone 10 R or a 10 s but for every one else it’s the easiest way to get a taste of modern flagship iPhone performance without dropping $1000 in fact I might actually just go buy one of these for myself right now


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