Apple IS Working on an iPhone Fold! Folding iPhone Leaks & Concept


Foldable smartphones are hitting the market soon it’s clear that foldable phones are gonna become the next milestone in smart phone evolution you got Samsung doing it Huawei is doing it and Apple is jumping right,

according to patently Apple the US Patent Office published a patent that proves that a folding iPhone is on the way sure they might be behind the other phone companies by a couple of years but it’s coming as early as 2020 so there’s this issue with foldable smartphones where cold weather makes the folding part fragile and brittle it’s one of the reasons why the foldable iPhone hasn’t been released sooner so the patent describes a heating method to avoid this the application says the bed axes maybe self heated by illuminating pixels in the portion of the display that overlapped the bed access or maybe heated using a heat element or other heating structure that provides heat to the portion of the display over lapping the bend axis

portion of the display

the patent goes on to describe a latching mechanism that prevents opening and closing of the electronic device when the temperature of the portion of the display that overlaps the Ben axis is below a predetermined temperature so it’s difficult to tell if either of these methods will be used in the actual foldable iPhone but because it’s a patent it means the Apple is trying it out other than this path there are three other patents for foldable iPhones on February 14th

Apple got another patent for a normal-sized iPhone that would fold in half to make it smaller like the foldable Motorola RAZR another patent was filed in October for a magnetic latch that would keep the phone closed so I’m just going to state the obvious here making foldable phones could be Apple’s way of getting with the tines of staying relevant it’s no secret that the growth of Apple phones has hit a plateau unless the new Samsung and Huawei foldable phones are a total disaster

it’s likely that foldable phones will be the way of the future foldable phones are gonna hit the market this year in 2019 other companies that are working on foldable phones include Motorola and LG but those companies probably won’t release their foldable phones in 2019 do you plan to buy a foldable phone I like the idea of it being small my phone is very large so it would be nice if it wasn’t so big it could actually fit in my pocket let me know if you plan to get a foldable phone down there in the comments

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