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A computer scientist at NASA says that aliens have already visited Earth, but we didn’t notice because they do not look the way we think they do. Silvano P Colombano who works as a computer scientist for NASA at their research center has come out to say that we may have already been visited by […]

what is robotics

On April 2, 2019

robotics engineering robotics as the name suggests is the science and study of robots the term robot comes from the Czech word robota meaning forced labor which was coined by Karel Capek in 1921 robot

Facebook is legally bound to the U.S government for protecting its users’ data and their privacy. But they have acted against a 2012 agreement by sharing data improperly. Due to this, FTC (Federal Trade Commission) authorities are discussing now to impose a fine on Facebook. This fine will be fallen under the category of “record-setting” […]
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