Stop & Shop is a well-known Supermarket Company in U.S. Now, they own more than 414 chain of stores. On January 16, 2019, they announced their new testing on AI (Artificial Intelligence).
Their AI team is going to test driverless grocery vehicles. These vehicles include self-driven delivery cars, meal kits and cashier-less stores. This pilot project will be started in this spring in Boston.
Robomart, a startup based in San Francisco partners with Stop & Shop in this project. Their vehicles will deliver items of Stop & Shop to customers’ doorsteps. These items will include meal kits, produce and convenience items.
Temperature inside these electric vehicles will be controlled. Therefore the produce will be fresh. A Robomart facility will be used for controlling these vehicles remotely.
Customers can call these automated small grocery stores through an app. This app interface will be similar to the Uber app.
When the vehicle reaches, customers can take the items they want, after unlocking the vehicle doors. RFID and computer vision technology are used to track the items that customer takes. When customer finishes his or her shopping, vehicle will go on its way. Soon after, a receipt will be emailed to him or her. This is similar to a smaller Amazon Go store arriving to your doorstep.
This year, Stop & Shop is doing experimentations with robots in large scale. A group of googly eyed robots was deployed by the chain recently. The duty of these robots is patrolling its aisles in Stop & Shop stores and 500 Giant, Martin’s.
These robots were created as the result of the partnership between Badger Technologies and Retail Business Services. They have got a nickname as “Marty”. Marty moves here and there in stores seeking spills and messes. If it finds any, it will clean up it. It will not knock the shelves because it has sensors on it. Apart from that, it can identify which shelf has a few items left on using its cameras.
Retail automation is now coming into the reality. Sometimes it will take away people’s jobs. But who can fight back with these good pair of huge googly eyes?



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