Black Hat SEO vs. White Hat SEO


When you learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it is important to know about the Black Hat SEO and the White Hat SEO. Though both components will give the results, their effect on ranking and traffic is different from each other. Apart from that, these two SEO components are searching for different things. In the simplest form, while White Hat SEO is doing a good thing, Black Hat SEO does the opposite side of it.

White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO is a legal and genuine procedure. Specified methods are used for this process. Optimization is performed as the search engine. Actual information is brought to the result page in the Search engine by this procedure. There are no crafty actions.
Therefore this is the process that matters for search engines like Google. Search engines are always trying to give better results for the users. The results given by White Hat SEO are long-term. This is another pro of this process. Good rank always should be updated due to the higher competitiveness. Therefore it is important to be up-to-date with new search topics.
White Hat SEO is based on Google algorithms. Therefore search engines easily approve such optimized contents. This will affect to gain a long lasting result in a higher rank.
If you want to gain a high-quality result as well as the user experience, then you have to use the White Hat SEO, not the Black Hat.

Techniques of White Hat SEO

Quality Content

Quality of the content enhances the user experience and increases the audience. Relevancy of the content should be higher and the content should be without spelling and grammar errors.

Onpage Optimization

Each and every page always should be optimized correctly without over-optimizing.

Sufficient Keyword Research

Relevancy of the keywords that you are using is an important fact. Keywords should be relevant to the website. This relevance is directly proportional to the easiness of the site to find and the traffic comes from the search engines. If you want your website to get a higher rank, you should use long-tail keywords.

Meta Description

When you develop the website, it is important to add meta description tags for the website. It will ease SEO and give a very simple idea about the website to users. Though it is important to add a meta description, unnecessary keywords should not be added to meta tags.

Social Networks

Social networks can be used for sharing links from your website and grab a good audience easily and instantly.


If your website is mainly for a business or a service, you can further grow your audience by creating a blog relevant to the website.

Black Hat SEO

In this Black Hat SEO, guidelines are skipped and a lot of traps are created. It is merely based on money making and gives a short-term result. During this short time period your website may obtain a higher rank but quickly it may get a lower rank in the search engines.
In Black Hat SEO, user experience does not get an important place. Most people are doing spamming frequently. The expectation of this Black Hat SEO is merely increasing the traffic in a good or bad way. Search engines disapprove this SEO procedure.

Techniques of Black Hat SEO

Keyword Stuffing
Many keywords included in the content. This damages the quality of the content. Important information cannot be found in the content.

Doorway Pages

Doorway pages are fake web pages. They are created for a short time period and are hidden from users.

Invisible Content

Invisible contents are full of words. They are created merely for grabbing the attention of search engine spiders and not for the users.

Over-optimization Onpage

This is a technique to over-optimize content.


Including illegal and unethical content on the website. E.g. showing adult content on a children’s website.

Spin Articles

In here, content on a website is copied and copied content is published on another site. This will decrease the website rank.


Link sharing as well as commenting is done frequently. Though this is troublesome for users, it affects the search engines. But at the same time, this can be the reason for website banning.
Hope you get the basic idea about the Black Hat and White Hat SEO. Share the knowledge with your friends and feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you.


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