Easily setup multi-room music playback system with Google Home speakers


Do you want to move to downstairs living room from upstairs bedroom without missing a beat when you cleaning your house. Now it is easy to set up. One of the best advantage of having multiple Google Home speakers is that now you can play the same music throughout your entire house. Best part is that it is very simple and only take five minutes of your time to set it up.
Let’s get started. First if you don’t have Google Home app go to Google Play Store or iTunes App Store and download it from there. If you have Google Home device you should always have this app. Then go to your Google Home app on your mobile device and tap on the “Account”. It’s the rightmost icon at the bottom of your mobile screen. Then select “Set up or add” and then select “Create speaker group”. All of the speakers (or TVs) that are connected to your Google Home device will show up on that screen with labeled icons. Now select all of the devices you want to add to same group and select “Next”. Name the new group and tap “Save” icon. That’s it! You successfully created Multiroom Home playback system.
Now you can tell your Google home device to “play on [group name]”, and that playlist will play on all of the devices on that selected speaker group. You can control the volume by just telling raise and lower to your Google device. You can also manually go to your Home app and select name of specific group. It’s located in home screen under the appropriate subhead “Groups”.
But if you want to raise or lower the volume of specific speaker in the group, just select that speaker icon on the main screen which is located in Home app or you can tell that specific speaker to raise or lower its volume by without mentioning its group name.
Just remember, when you play music on that group, everyone in the house can hear it.


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