Even though Facebook first introduced messenger redesign last May at Facebook’s F developer conference, it was not available for public. But finally it’s here, it is currently listed on both Google play store and Apple Store for everyone to download. However Facebook Messenger team stated that it will take little more time to release the update to other operating systems.
Even though the main purpose of the redesign was to make Facebook messenger much simpler and make all messages front and center once again, it has taken considerable amount of time to release the update for public. Even though Messenger redesign announced in May, the redesign took longer time to introduce than expected since October. And within this period only way to experience the new redesign update was to purchase Facebook’s much-maligned Portal video chat devices, which contained the new messenger update.
One of the main obvious change is that new messenger redesign only contains three tabs instead of nine tabs which leaves the interface with much more clean-looking whitespace. Chats are already contains many features which introduced over the past years such as reminders, bots and games. But new messenger redesign move all these features in to new four-dot icon, so the users can choose what they want to do when they open messenger.


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