future cruise ship concepts


#5 the Carnival pinnacle

The Carnival pinnacle is a cruise ship, concept proposed by the “Carnival Cruise Lines company”if developed it would be one of the largest ships ever built, laying a colossal two hundred thousand tons and carrying over six thousand passengers, A ship of this size would require many of the things that a modern-day city needs, It would have it’s own train system carrying passengers around the ship multiple hospitals, the police departments, business and residential areas and stunning amenities, including theaters,pools, sports arenas, and a huge overhanging lookout deck, The project was it very nearly approved, but was ultimately shelved due to poor exchange rates between the euro and u.s.dollar.

the Carnival pinnacle

#4 the EEOC’s is the largest sailing cruise

The EEOC’s is the largest sailing cruise ship ever proposed, This thing is incredible, let’s take a look this concept, Cruise ship is actually in preliminary development by “STX Europeand sterling design international company” The ship has a length of 305 meters, and a huge width of over 100 meters, The EEOC’s is a pentamerOh, which means it actually has five separate hulls, This makes it incredibly large in size accommodating thousands of passengers, and crew members unlike most other cruise ships. The EEOC’S has a hybrid engine and sealing system, which will propel The ship around the world, if eventually completed the EEOC’S will therefore be the most environmentally friendly ship ever made.


#3 The symphony of the Seas

“Royal Caribbean cruise ships” are the biggest in the world, but their next design concept will dwarf them in comparison the Oasis four cruise ship concept was approved in 2014 and construction has already begun, with an estimated cost of 1.35 billion the Oasis 4, will be the largest passenger cruise ship ever made with a tonnage of 22000000 and accommodating 6370 passengers and 2000 crew members. The ship will feature an expandable solarium area multiple swimming pools and entertainment areas, A huge water park full-size basketball courts, ice skating rinks, climbing walls, and even a central park, with over 20,000 tropical plants,unlike the other concept ships on this list the “Oasis 4 is now a reality” after construction completed in 2018 now named the “symphony of the Seas” this ship is the current largest cruise liner on the planet.

The symphony of the Seas

#2 princess kaguya

let’s take a look at the “princess kaguya” A cruise ship design concept currently under consideration for development ,The Princess Kaguya is a cruise ship concept, half a kilometer in length it was proposed to the government of Finland, and if finance would be the largest ship ever made, It would measure four hundred and fifty thousand times, more than double the size of the current largest ship, It would accommodate eight thousand four hundred passengers, and a crew of four thousand, the ship would have 20 different deck levels, with 50 restaurants a shopping mall, a sports stadium, the ban of much more it’s estimated construction cost would be five point four billion dollars, maybe one day a company will, but for now the proposed project is currently on hold.

princess kaguya

1# the freedom ship

The largest ever cruise ship design concept was the freedom ship, proposed in the late 1990’s the freedom ship derives, its name from the idea that it would operate in international waters, “completely free from any laws or regulations” this ship is huge it is over a mile long, and houses 80,000 people,quite literally a floating city freedom ship has a hospital, a school system, hotels, casinos, office and business areas,and much more. it’s estimated it will cost eleven billion dollars to construct, but currently no company or government has committed to the construction of this colossal ship, so it remains. At least for now just a concept.

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