How to restore Iphone from backup


“Restore” from backup is necessary when changing models or initializing the terminal. There may be a lot of content that you want to transfer to your new device, such as LINE talk history, as well as photos, videos, purchased music, and phone books. There are two ways to restore an iPhone: using a computer and using iCloud. This article will explain these in detail.

iPhone backup and restore

What do you do first when you change iPhone models? There is data transfer such as phonebook, mail, images, and account transfer.
it can be done at once by restoring a backup. Even if your device changes due to restoring the backup, you can take over your existing settings and apps, and leave your photos and other data intact.
Also, restoring the iPhone is a very effective method not only when changing models but also when the iPhone is in bad condition or when you forget your passcode and cannot recover from the screen lock.

Points to note when restoring a backup

Here are some critical notes about backups required before restoring an iPhone.

Limited data for backup

To restore data on a new iPhone, you need to make a backup first. The following data can be backed up.

  • iPhone data (phone book, email, etc.)
  • Talk history of SNS apps such as LINE
  • Data such as images/videos, music, documents
  • Information about installed apps, etc.

If you forget your Apple ID or passcode, you cannot restore it

The key to backup and restore is that you can’t restore if you forget your Apple ID or passcode.

When backing up, enter an Apple ID and set a passcode so that a third party does not decrypt the data. Don’t forget this Apple ID or passcode, as you will need it when you restore it.

What data can be backed up and restored?

Here are some examples of what data can be backed up and restored on the iPhone.

Data such as photos and videos

First, photos and videos stored on your iPhone. These items are stored in the standard app “Photos,” but it can be taken over as much as the free space on the destination iPhone allows. If there is not enough space, it can be stored on a PC.

LINE talk history

LINE talk needs to be backed up on the app to take over. The account transition itself can be quickly done by preparing each new and old device.

The specific transfer method is explained later in the article.


There are cases where data handled by apps installed on the iPhone can be transferred.

Not all data, but moving to a new environment will prevent you from starting from scratch if you need to take over an account, such as a game.

How to get/restore backups only on iPhone

There are several ways to restore a backup, but first, I will explain how to do it with iPhone only. If you use an iPhone, use iCloud to obtain and restore backups.

Make a backup

First of all, I will explain how to get a backup. Use iCloud to get backups using only an iPhone. The specific procedure is as follows.

  1. Connect iPhone to Wi-Fi
  2. Keep your iPhone charging
  3. Check if iCloud storage has enough space

4. Make iCloud backup from settings

Select “Apple ID”-“iCloud” from “Settings”. If you select the item “iCloud backup”, there is “iCloud backup”, so if it is off, turn it on. If this is turned on, “Create Backup Now” will appear. Select this to create a backup.

Restore( How to restore Iphone from backup)

Use the following procedure to restore a backup.

  1. Start the iPhone
  2. The power button and hold, start the iPhone will not be. Set the language of the iPhone that has been initialized.
  3. Connect iPhone to Wi-Fi
  4. To restore a backup from iCloud using Wi-Fi, first, connect to Wi-Fi.
  5. Restore
  6. Backup Select “Restore from Backup” and enter your AppleID and passcode to log in to iCloud. A list of available backups will appear so that you can select and restore them.

How to get/restore LINE talk history backup

There are two ways to get a backup of your LINE talk history: using iTunes and using iCloud. Both methods require LINE identity verification. For identity verification, email address, password, two-step verification, and phone number verification are required.

When you select “Account transfer settings” from “Settings” in LINE, the item “Transfer account” appears. By turning on this item, you can take over your account.

Back up using iTunes (How to restore Iphone from backup)

In some cases, talk history may be lost.

  1. Launch
  2. iTunes Launch iTunes and update to the latest version. You can check whether the current status is the latest by selecting “Help”-“Check for updates”.
  3. to connect the iPhone
  4. after the connection, when you click an item on the iPhone, a summary screen is displayed first.
  5. Settings related
  6. To backup Select “This computer” and “Encrypt iPhone backup” from the “Backup”-“Automatic backup” items in the overview screen. Since it is necessary to set an encryption password, enter your own password and click “Set Password.” Be sure to remember this password as you will need it during the restore.
  7. Check if you have a backup You can check if you have a
  8. backup properly by selecting “Edit”-“Settings”-“Devices” from the iTunes menu and opening “Device Backup”. The date and time and terminal are displayed.
  9. After confirming that the backup has been taken, remove the iPhone.

Back up using iCloud

  1. Check if iCloud is turned on Select “Settings”-“AppleID”-“iCloud Drive” and make sure “iCloud Drive” is turned on.

* Here’s what to do if you can’t log in to iCloud.

  1. If you select backup from LINE in the order of “Settings”-“Talk”-“Talk Backup” in LINE, there will be an item called “Backup Now”. Select this to upload to iCloud and get a backup. When the display changes to “Backup completed”, a backup has been obtained.

Restoration/backup method using a personal computer

iPhone can be backed up and restored using iTunes installed on your computer.

How to backup with iTunes

(How to restore Iphone from backup)

To get a backup using iTunes, follow these steps:

  1. Connect iPhone to computer
  2. Launch iTunes

When activated, an iPhone icon will appear in iTunes.

It is not displayed, depending on the setting. If it doesn’t appear, change it from the iTunes Settings tab.

  1. Select “Backup Now” to perform the backup.

How to restore with iTunes

(How to restore Iphone from backup)

Follow the steps below to restore a backup using iTunes.

  1. Connect iPhone to computer
  2. Launch iTunes
  3. Select “Restore Backup” to perform the restore.

How to restore LINE talk history

There are two ways to restore LINE talk history: using iTunes and using iCloud.

Restoring LINE talk history using iTunes follows the same process as restoring a backup using iTunes. Therefore, see how to restore the iPhone using iTunes.

If you use iCloud to obtain a backup, the screen to restore the backup created in iCloud will be displayed after LINE authentication is completed. If you select “Restore Talk History from Backup,” the restoration is complete.

Restore your iPhone correctly and safely

When the iPhone is initialized due to changes or problems with the new iPhone, it is essential to restore the backup. There are two types of methods for obtaining and restoring the iPhone backup itself: one using a personal computer and one using the iPhone alone.

Use iTunes to get backups and restores using a PC and iCloud to use the iPhone alone. If not done correctly, there is a significant risk of data loss and iOS system failure.

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