Huawei is one of the most popular communication partners in the world. There are millions of Huawei users in every part of the world. Ren Zhengfei is the person who found Huawei in 1987 and this company started in China. Ren wanted to build their own domestic Chinese telecommunication company more than exporting the technology from foreign countries. That was a very good and a wise idea. He looked for developing their company to compete with other foreign competitors. They needed to become world’s top sellers. Moreover; they worked hard to earn best profits. In the year 1993, Huawei launched C&C08 program controlling telephone switch. They could gain a major contract to develop the first national telecommunication network for the army of People’s Liberation too.

Huawei eats up the Secrets of Apple!

People try to compete in different ways in the business world. Almost all the companies are having trade secrets and they are private and confidential. But, people forget their ethics to obtain these secrets. Apple is a company which is having more wonderful secrets for sure. That is why Huawei tries to spy on Apple’s tastes. A report says that Huawei is going to grab secrets of Apple and other companies. They are sniffing for the mesmerizing secrets hiding in other trade companies.

A question might appear inside your head, by asking the reason for this CID procedure of Huawei. This question is very normal as Huawei is one of the top most telecommunicating companies. Anyway, Huawei needs to improve their devices from smartphones to smart watches. They need new improved technology like Apple. There are some other reasons too. Apple released a smart watch and it became world famous among customers. Huawei was also paying a big attention on this useful device.

Another amazing feature available in that watch is determination of the heart rate via a heart sensor. It is clear that anybody will be eager to learn this technology. There was an engineer from Huawei who worked on a smart watch similar to that of Apple. He was a turning point and a key for Huawei. He could leak some basic information and secrets about the heart sensor of Apple technology.

Huawei and their Competitive Position in the World

Anybody around the world knows about Huawei and it is world famous, of course. It is the world’s largest telecom equipment maker. They achieved this goal after many years of hard working. China’s largest telephone network equipment builder is also Huawei. They could obtain the top rank in sectors of global market share in the mobile soft switches. That is a marvelous target achieved by this company.

They could become the largest applicant under WIPO Patent Cooperation Treaty in 2008. Forbes magazine announced Huawei as one of the World’s Most Respected 200 Companies. This is a great opportunity achieved by them. This made their name famous all around the world and it helped to increase their sales along with many users. It is also the World’s Most Influential Company. Huawei is a common trade name among many mobile phone users.

News on Grabbing Secrets to Develop Huawei

Huawei tried to do these things secretly. But, the Department of US Justice could find about a rewards program conducting by Huawei. They could know some information about this procedure. Actually; this reward program is for employees who give out technology from other top companies. Huawei is very generous to give much bonus for them as well. Huawei use these tricks against a lot of companies like Apple, Cisco, Motorola and others. But, they do not just talk with the suppliers when they meet them. They try to mine information from current Apple employees as well. News announces that many employees in Apple resign after having secret interviews with the Huawei Company. Scholars say that this pathetic situation and also a filthy step conducting by Huawei. This is unethical in one way and may have some threats for Apple and other trading companies.



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