Israeli Scientist Promise to Release a Full 100% Treatment for Cancer


A team of scientists in Israel have made a major scientific breakthrough and say that the cure of cancer could be available as soon as next year.The small team of scientists even believe that the cure they discovered could be effective from day one.This cancer treatment is called MuTaTo and uses a combination of cancer-targeting peptides along with a toxin that attacks cancer cells.

Cure For Cancer Is Coming Next Year

The company heading the charge to find the cure for cancer is known as the – Accelerated Evolution Bio technologies Limited and chairman Dan Aridor said in a statement to the Jerusalem Post – We believe we will offer in a years time a complete cure for cancer.

Our cancer cure are effective from day one, can last a period of a couple of weeks and can haven’t any or lowest side-effects at a way lower value than most different treatments on the market.Our resolution are each generic and private.

cancer is curable now

The cure is a multi target toxin and eventually will be the equivalent to taking an antibiotic for when you’re sick with the flu.The company working on this said that for years they worked off of what other scientist shad been doing to find a cure, but soon realized that it just wouldn’t work.So instead of staying on the beaten bath, they set out to identify why these previous methods didn’t work in hopes of finding a new pathway for treatment.Most anti-cancer medication go after a specific targeted cancer cell, but what ends up happening is it fails because the targeted cell mutates to avoid the attack.

This ultimately results in the treatment not working and therefore failing the patient.So the goal of this new cure is to not just target a single cancer cell, but rather attack the mutations which would mean going after three targets at once.

The probability of having multiple mutations that would modify all targeted receptors simultaneously decreases dramatically with the number of targets used.Instead of attacking receptors one at a time, we attack receptors three at a time.Not even cancer can mutate three receptors at the same time.Additionally the scientists believe that the drug could be used to even treat the side effects of other cancer treatments and they hope will eventually be made personal to each individual patient.

So far the experiments have only been conducted on mice, but they are hopeful with this new discovery that they could move on to human trials in the near future.I want to hear your thoughts on this scientific breakthrough though so comment down below if you believe they have indeed found the cure to cancer, or at the very least the next


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