most expensive jewels in the world 2020


most expensive jewels

the princie diamond

the princie diamond

the princie diamond thirty-nine point three million dollars first discovered around three hundred years ago in the Golconda mines in India the princie diamond originally belonged to the Royal family of Hyderabad and was only seen in public when it was sold at auction in 1960
The thirty-four point six five-carat stone is a fancy intense pink color and under ultraviolet light it emits an orange-red fluorescence this is a characteristic only seen in Indian diamonds and is so rare that only 40 seen in the Gemological Institute of America has had it of those forty the princie is by far the largest which makes it truly one-of-a-kind

it was given its name by the buyer in 1960 who named it in honor of the son of the Maharaja of Baroda and for more than 50 years it was kept under lock that was until 2013 when it was put up for auction at Christie’s in New York where it set a new record at the time selling for thirty-nine point three million dollars

the blue moon of Josephine

blue moon of josephine

the blue moon of Josephine forty eight point four million, The blue moon of Josephine is a twelve point zero three-carat vivid blue diamond that was found in South Africa’s colon and mine in January of 2014

it was a particularly rare find because one and only a thousand diamonds found there are blue so this one was immediately sent to be polished and sold
it’s also unusual because while most diamonds have small traces of non crystallized carbon in them which is the material from which they’re formed this one has none and is officially rated as flawless in tribute to its rarity it was named the blue moon diamond and it was put up for auction in 2015 and was purchased by Hong Kong proprietor tycoon Joseph Lau for a record-breaking forty-eight point four million dollars

this was the second high-profile blue diamond he had bought for his daughter and like the previous one he renamed it in honor of her which is why it’s now known as the blue moon of Josephine

the Winston pink legacy

the winston pink legacy

the Winston pink legacy
the Winston pink legacy 50.375 million bright pink diamonds are extremely rare, so anytime one is put up for auction it’s virtually guaranteed to sell for an astronomical number and set records in the process

In 2018 the pink legacy diamond was sold at Christie’s sale for just over fifty million dollars and instantly became the most expensive pink diamond for its weight costing the buyers a massive 2.6 million dollars per carat the diamond was originally found in a mine in South Africa in 1918 by the De Beers mining group and for a long time was owned by the Oppenheimer family who ran the company with a weight of 18.9 6 carats it’s a cut cornered rectangular diamond which is mounted in a platinum ring and is a fancy vivid pink in color a rating given to one in every 100,000 diamonds Christie’s called the pink legacy as good as it got when they were auctioning it, and the eventual buyer was the American luxury brand Harry Winston the company was acquired by swatch in 2013 and since then has embarked on a diamond purchasing spree and renaming each of them after the company hence the new name for this diamond the Winston pink legacy

the Oppenheimer Blue Diamond

the Oppenheimer Blue Diamond

the Oppenheimer Blue Diamond
the Oppenheimer Blue Diamond 57 point five million dollars the Oppenheimer Blue Diamond is believed to have originated in the premiere mine in South Africa which at the time was owned by the De Beers mining company and therefore controlled by the Oppenheimer family

the Oppenheimer name is synonymous with diamonds after Ernest Oppenheimer joined forces with American financier JP Morgan and took control of virtually the entire diamond market in the 1920s by restricting availability they ensured prices remained constant and their company was responsible for some of the most impressive diamond discoveries ever.

the company passed to Oppenheimer son Harry in 1957 along with his cousin Philip who became head of the london-based central selling organization

it was here that the blue diamond became the pride and joy of Sir Philip Oppenheimer after whom the stone is named and he eventually sold it to a jeweler for an undisclosed price in the 1990s

it’s a rectangular cut diamond that’s fourteen point six two carats and rated as a fancy vivid blue color which is the highest possible color grading given by the GI a

it’s a remarkable stone not just because of its size but because of its saturation something that’s only seen in about 1% of blue diamonds which themselves are quite rare in the first place

it’s set in a platinum ring with trapeze shaped diamonds on either side and is often referred to as the gem of gems by those who work in the industry

the jewelers held on to it until they felt the market conditions were right and when they did finally put it up for offer it was the largest of its kind to have ever gone under the hammer in 2016 it’s sold for a staggering 57 points 5 million dollars which at the time this shattered the record for the most expensive gem to be publicly sold a record it would only hold onto for less than a year

CTF pink star diamond

CTF pink star diamond

CTF pink star diamond
CTF pink star diamond 71 point two million dollars the pink star diamond became the most expensive gemstone in the world in 2017

when it sold for seventy-one point two million dollars at an auction in Hong Kong not only was this the record for a diamond but it also became the most expensive thing to have ever sold at auction in Asia so what makes this gem so special that it’s worth more than most people will ever see in their lifetimes

the answer simply is its size and color from the moment
the stone was found in a de Beer mine in South Africa in 1999 they knew they had something special uncut it weighed 130 2.5 carats and was the largest diamond to have ever been rated as vivid pink the process of cutting the rough stone took 20 months where every move was meticulously planned to ensure nothing went wrong with this incredibly rare diamond

it was decided to do a mixed oval brilliant-cut which involves a step-cut crown and a brilliant-cut pavilion and the finished piece was finally unveiled in a public ceremony in Monaco in 2003

the final piece was fifty nine point six carats and named the Steinmetz pink after the company that was responsible for creating it for a time it was displayed in the Smithsonian’s the splendor of diamonds exhibit alongside a number of other incredible diamonds that didn’t make this list because they’ve never been sold but in 2013

the owners decided it was time to find a buyer the initial auction that year saw a bit of eighty-three point 1 million dollars but the buyer failed to pay for it, so it was relisted in 2017 that time the auction went without a hitch, and the diamond was purchased by Chow Tai Fook enterprises a conglomerate that owns interest across a spectrum of industries who renamed it
the CTF pink star honorable mentions the sunrise ruby 30.4 two million dollars while diamonds are undoubtedly the most expensive precious stones there are plenty of other expensive gems to

the sunrise ruby for example became the most expensive ruby and the most expensive gemstone other than a diamond in 2015 when it’s sold for thirty point four two million dollars rubies are made from a type of aluminum oxide called corundum that contains quantities of chromium to give them their distinctive color they are always red in color though and those that form with other elements to produce different colors are instead called sapphires named after the poem of the same name that was written by a Sufi poet in the 13th century

the sunrise ruby was mined in myanmar and after being cut weighs twenty five point five nine carats

its color is rated as pigeon blood which for rubies is the best possible and has been mounted by cartier alongside more than five carats worth of diamonds in some ways this gem is even rarer than the most expensive diamonds because its structure is seen as virtually perfect and something normally only ever found in much smaller crystals

the Hope spinel 1.4 million dollars often mistaken for rubies or sapphires spinel czar made from a combination of aluminum oxide and magnesium and are a slightly duller color than the stones

people often hope that they are nonetheless they can still be very valuable with the most expensive in the world being the hope spinel which sold in 2015 for 1.4 million dollars the fifty point one three carat stone has an octagonal step cut and was once owned by London banker Henry Philip hope in the 1800’s

As a part of his collection that numbered more than 700 gems it has been set with old brilliant and rose-cut diamond claws is framed by 6.5 carats of brilliant cut diamond and is designed to be worn as a brooch or a pendant while records of where it came from have been lost over the years tests on its size color and chemical compositions suggest that it originated in the ancient Cooley law mines in Tajikistan something that makes it even more rare the mines are difficult to reach because they’re surrounded by inhospitable terrain and because of political reasons they have rarely been used in the 20th or 21st century

this means that no new spinel from that region are entering the marketplace so the ones that are already available are inevitably increasing in their worth if you’re looking for a more affordable stone as an investment the spinel could be a good choice the Hope was originally estimated to sell for three hundred and ten thousand dollars at most and went for more than three times that

Most Expensive Jewellery ever produced

Most Expensive Jewellery ever produced

  1. La Peregrina Necklace: $11.8 million
  2. The Cartier-designed diamond panther bracelet: $7 million
  3. Diamond Emerald Ring: $6.2 million
  4. Phoenix Décor Secret Watch – $2.7 millio
  5. Diamond Coloured Ring – $2 million
  6. Large Ballon Bleu Tourbillon Diamond Watch – $1 million
  7. The Patalia Necklace – Priceless


  • The Moussaieff Red Diamond — Up to $8 million.
  • The Heart of Eternity — $16 million.
  • The Perfect Pink — $23.2 million.
  • The Wittelsbach Diamond — $23.4 million.
  • The Winston Blue — $23.8 million.
  • The Pink Star — $71.2 million.
  • The Centenary Diamond — $100 million.

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