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A smartphone that can be Fold (phones of the future 2020)

First, we will introduce a smartphone that can be Fold

Future mobile phones will fold their screens. I said it was the future, but it seems to be a reality soon.

In February of this year, Samsung and Huawei announced a series of smartphones that could fold. Both are aiming to release this year. The advantage of such a folding type is that it can be operated on a “tablet-like large screen.”

It’s easier to see websites and movies with subtitles that were hard to see on smartphone size,

 and it is also possible to use separate apps on the top, bottom, left, and right, such as watching YouTube while interacting with LINE.

Yes, it is possible to make the existing smartphone size even more compact.

Foldable smartphone “Foldable DRAS Phone,” developed by a British company, folds in four and is large enough to fit in your hand.

Introducing 5G, the next-generation communication standard (phones of the future 2020)

The second is the appearance of “5G”. Many people may have heard this word.

5G “G” is an acronym for “Generation” and officially calls the “5th generation mobile communication system”. In simple terms, it means that “the communication speed is dramatically improved.”

If the current communication speed (4G) is Usain Bolt, 5G will be as fast as an airplane. Can’t believe it?

By the way, what do you think will change as the communication speed evolves?

Let’s go back in history a little. With the advent of the “3rd Generation Communication System (3G)” service that began in 2001, various services appeared.

Downloading and listening to music, playing games with apps, attaching photos to e-mails, and searching the web using a search engine are all possible because of the increased communication speed.

Furthermore, with the advent of “4th generation (4G)”, sharing photos and videos on social media and watching videos on mobile phones became commonplace. New professions such as YouTubers and Instagrammer were born. How many people have been able to anticipate so far?

What will happen when it comes to 5G? What is expects is the arrival of the “IoT (Internet of Things)” era where everything connected to the Internet.

TVs, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc. are also connected to the Internet, and it said that you could control everything with a single phone. Of course, the communication speed is also orders of magnitude! A two-hour movie can be download in just a few seconds.

Annoying charging is unnecessary!the era of wireless charging (phones of the future 2020)

The third expectation is that it will not need charging.

It’s a dream story, but a research team at the University of Washington has successfully developed a battery-powered mobile phone. Its name is “Battery-Free Cellphone.” the power consumption is reduced to the utmost limit,

 but the necessary power is still converted from the radio frequency from the base station to control, or the electricity is generated from rice-sized solar cells.

However, because there is no monitor to save power, and it specialized in calls, the realization of the products we want may still be ahead 

Therefore, another notable technology is “wireless charging.” Currently, wireless charging of the type that set on the charging stand has become widespread, but you cannot carry it around while charging.

Meanwhile, the American company “Ossia” is developing technology “Cota” that can power multiple devices even up to 10m away.

If chargers equipped with this technology spread throughout the city, the battery will always be fully charging. No charging cable or mobile battery is required.

Does this sound like a distant future story?

You can operate just by thinking! Impact of “operation with brain waves.” (phones of the future 2020)

The fourth expectation is that we will be “operating with brain waves.”

Is this too science fiction …? Not. The technology to control with EEG has already been put into practical use by drones. In February of this year, the “EEG Drone Race” also held at the University of South Florida!

As an aside, a radio-controlled helicopter controlled by brain waves can be easily purchased from Amazon. If you are interested, please check it out.

Let’s return the story. In 2018, a research team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States developed the “AlterEgo” machine that reads words in the head.

A particular device that extends from the neck to the chin, not the head, detects weak signals sent to the muscles when trying to speak and predicts correlated words. In an experiment with ten subjects, he said that he succeeded in recognizing brain speech with an average accuracy of 92%.

Also, Facebook’s advanced technology research department “Building 8” is also researching technology that allows you to write texts just by thinking about it. As far as we investigate, the realization may still be ahead, but it is interesting.

The smartphone will be “embedded in the body” in the future (phones of the future 2020)

The last expectation is that smartphones will be “embedded in the body” in the future.

The American inventor, Martin Cooper, is making this prediction too bold. Martin cooper is the developer of the world’s first mobile phone, “DynaTAC 8000X” (DynaTac), who created all the prototypes of existing mobile phones.

According to Cooper, the phone will become a small computer embedded in the back of the ear in the future, and various operations can be performed just by thinking.

Many people think that this is impossible. Mr. Cooper also predicts that it will take several more generations for the mobile phone to show its real value.

However, now it is natural to have one mobile phone that was once said impossible. Even just 15 years ago, smartphones appeared, and few people could predict the future of sharing photos with high-performance cameras and watching YouTube.

The technologies introduced today may be just what is commonplace in the near future.

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phones in the future 2020 cell phones of the future 2020 mobile phones of the future 2020

phones in the future 2020 cell phones of the future 2020 mobile phones of the future 2020

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