The 70 Best SEO Tools & Web Marketing Tools Free in 2019


Indeed, many SEO software or web marketing tools are offered at rates too high, especially when you start your own online business.

However, with ingenuity, you can very well enjoy the best free SEO tools on the web (google) or software that offers free trial versions.

You can find everything you need to start your SEO or digital marketing business, from the emailing tool to the SEO tool.

For your convenience, I decided to list all the best free SEO tools and web marketing software in this article!

Make the most of SEO tools and free web marketing software.

If you plan to use some of the free SEO software below, then you will want to make the most of free trial versions.

For this, before starting a trial version, whatever the software, you will first have to familiarize yourself with the tool via existing tutorials.

For example, 

if it is link building software, I advise you to look at the existing tutorials or videos to understand the tool,

 then you can enjoy the best version of the trial version.

You will also need to plan your digital marketing campaign and prepare all the content 

you need to make sure your trial will be used to build real links without wasting time understanding how the SEO tool works.

If you are smart and organized enough, you can even list all the tools with a free trial version and create your web marketing campaign.

You have to prepare everything you need, upstream, then register to get each web marketing and SEO tool that you will use during your campaign.

I advise you never to use a tool if it does not correspond clearly to your marketing plan.

Do not change your plan to use the tool.

List of the best free SEO tools and web marketing software

Below you will find all the best tools categorized.

Competitive analysis tools

SEMRush (available in the free version) – This is the SEO tool of the moment. It is incredibly complete and authoritative and available in different languages. Follow in SEMRush to manage your entire SEO. 


The 70 Best SEO Tools & Web Marketing Tools Free

Among the many features, it offers,

 It will allow you (among other things) to obtain detailed information about your competitors’ strategies for display advertising, 

organic and paid search Backlinking and link building. In just a couple of clicks, you will know all the winning keywords used by your competitors and understand how they manage to generate more traffic than you. You will be able to discover a multitude of content ideas to create and keywords to use … In short, the dream tool.

Ahrefs  (7 USD for seven days of use) – this tool has the largest database of inbound links on the market. It allows you to audit the incoming links (backlinks) of all your competitors to know all the best links to create for your site. You can also analyze your website to understand its backlinks profile (number of incoming links, source, broken links, etc.). In short, a truly essential tool.

WebMeUp (exists in the free version) – the free version allows you to analyze your profile of backlinks (see all the incoming links on your site) and that of your competitors. WebMeUp does not have a database as important as Ahrefs but has slightly different backlinks, so it’s worth taking a look at it

Content creation tools

The 70 Best SEO Tools & Web Marketing Tools Free

Wordai  (3 days free) you need to rewrite articles automatically but with a result identical to what you would have written manually?. This tool works fine to test it!

TheBestSpinner  (30 days trial with a refund if not satisfied) This is the tool I recommend for article rewriting. It allows you to rewrite articles uniquely automatically. The results are really impressive, and its API can use in a wide range of link building tools. 

Spin Rewriter (5 free days) – another best tool in the market

SpinnerChief (exists in the free version) – 

Similar to TheBestSpinner but still less pleasant to use. However, you can access a free version. Spinner chief Works with more than 20 languages.

Email Marketing Tools

The 70 Best SEO Tools & Web Marketing Tools Free

GetResponse  (30 free trial days) –  use GetResponse as auto-responder because not only is it a straightforward and comprehensive tool 

Aweber (30 days trial free)  – Aweber is a very complete and powerful tool, used by many marketers,

Keyword Research Tools

The 70 Best SEO Tools & Web Marketing Tools Free

Google Keyword Planner Tool (Free) – Google’s Keyword Research Tool is fully accessible only if you have a Google Adwords account. It can help you,

 find a massive range of keyword ideas and

 related data and search volume 

That you can use for content marketing and SEO, or your Adwords campaigns. The only worry is that it only allows you to see the keywords very close to what you typed (no “broad match” available). Also, it does not distinguish the search volume according to the types of devices.

Market Samurai  (free version available)  – this tool has very comprehensive and authoritative keyword research and competition analysis module. One of the best to my knowledge.

Long Tail Pro  ($ 1 for seven days) – 

An excellent tool for finding long-haul keywords quickly. 

Keyword Researcher (free)  –

 Great tool for generating keyword ideas and compatible with Google Keyword Planner and Google Alerts.

Keyword Shitter (free) – As its name suggests, this tool allows us to generate (let’s be polite) ideas of keywords galore. He draws his suggestions from Google’s “semi-automatic” input function. This primary tool will not show you the search volume, so you will need to use another tool like “Keywords Everywhere,” for example (see further down the list). I advise you, especially to use this tool to find ideas of keywords that you had not thought. You can use its positive filter, which allows finding keywords, including this or that word. Its negative screen, meanwhile, will enable you to exclude words from your search.

Adword & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator (free) – This tool has the particularity of combining a multitude of keyword lists by performing all possible permutations. It proposes three fields “list 1”, “list 2” and list 3 “allowing you to list respectively, for example, a list of adjectives (ex: better), a list of products or services (ex: lawyer) and a list of complementary words (eg, in Paris). The result is a big list of long line keywords with all combinations. For example: “Best lawyer in Paris,” “Best law firm Paris region,” etc …

Answer The Public (free) –

 This bearded man helps you generate a wide range of questions (among other things),

 Allowing you to know the issues that surfers ask about a keyword or keyword. I use it personally to create content that answers the questions that I find relevant. That keyword makes it possible to offer complete content, 

which has the effect of satisfying more visitors and also of attracting more traffic 

thanks to positioning on additional keyword variations.

Keywords Everywhere (paid version) – This Chrome (or Firefox) extension lets you know the search volume, Cost Per Click (CPC), and competitor data. You can use it on many of your favorite sites, like Google, eBay, Amazon, Answer the Public, Keyword Shitter, and more. This tool means that you can combine, for example, “Keyword Shitter” with “Keywords Everywhere” …. you will have the search volume for all keywords generated … excellent!

KWFinder (free version available) – this keyword research tool allows you to identify the best long-haul keywords for your business. It’s a great alternative to Google’s keyword planner since

WordTracker Scout (free) – Another Chrome extension. When you browse a page, click on the extension icon to see all the keywords on the page. The tool allows you to filter by many words and tells you the search volume of each keyword.

 it’s able to show the exact monthly search volume 

As well as other useful SEO metrics. When you enter a keyword, you can select a language, and target your search to a country or city. The tool will list you a ton of long search keywords related to your search, as well as their search volume, CPC, and more.

SEMRush (available as a free version) –


 The SEMRush Keyword Research feature provides you with highly tested keywords, 

specifically, those that allow the websites of your competitors and industry leaders to be among the top results of Google and Bing.

With the SEMrush Keyword Research feature, you can quickly answer all of these questions:

What are the best keywords for SEO?

What are the best ways to search for PPC keywords and choose the best keywords for AdWords or Bing Ads?

How to find the right keywords for your target audience?

Link building tools

The 70 Best SEO Tools & Web Marketing Tools Free

GSA Search Engine Ranker (free trial version) – 

The exact little Swiss army knife for creating links, integrated with more than 120 platforms. Perfect for automating the creation of level 2 and 3 links (tier 2, tier 3).

Link Emperor ($ 7 for the first seven days)  – this tool makes it easy to build backlinks from private blog networks. Excellent tool.

RankWyz (free version available)  – create and manage your private blog networks with RankWyz. This tool includes a wide range of features to control everything. Try!

Inspyder Backlink Monitor (free trial version)  – the ultimate tool to control all your incoming links. Very easy to use.

SEO SpyGlass (free version available) – allows you to discover the backlinks of your competitors by detailing all the metrics composing them. Very useful for analyzing the backlink profile of your website. Available in French.

Link Assistant (free version available)  – this tool is an integral part of the software suite SEO Powersuite. Among other things, it allows you to find opportunities for creating links. Available in French.

SENuke XCR (14 free trial days)  – SENuke XCR is a complete link-building tool (tier 1), although quite expensive when the trial version has expired. I advise you to test its trial version thoroughly.

Magic Submitter (30 days trial at $ 4.95) – In terms of functionality, it competes extensively with SENuke XCR. It can post just about any type of content, videos, news articles, etc. On the other hand, I find the ease of use very average.

SEO audit tools

The 70 Best SEO Tools & Web Marketing Tools Free

RM Tech (free version available)  – RM Tech is an online SEO audit tool, freemium (it exists in free and paid version). It consists of a crawler and an analyzer with algorithms developed by the SEO experts of My Ranking Metrics. It is complement by data retrieved from third-party tools (Google Analytics and Google Search Console). In the output, it provides an audit report (detailed explanations, continuous progress, tables, and graphs) as well as all the data (CSV and Excel formats).

Raven Tools (14 free trial days)  – 

Raven includes a suite of SEO tools that allow you, 

among other things, to crawl your site and perform a complete SEO audit and list all the problems encountered. It also addresses social media, content, PPC, and more. Try!

Website Auditor (free version available)  – an integral part of the SEO Powersuite software suite. Website Auditor allows you to crawl your site and detect any problems found on your site.

Xenu Link Sleuth (free) – a free, easy-to-use tool for auditing your site and detecting dead links, for example

Pingdom Tools (Free) – Test the loading speed of your website from different locations.

Webpage Test (free)  – Allows you to test the speed of loading from a wide range of servers in the four corners of the world, and to test with a wide variety of browsers.

Position tracking tools

The 70 Best SEO Tools & Web Marketing Tools Free

Rank Tracker (free version available) – An integral part of the software suite SEO Powersuite, this tool is to my knowledge the best in terms of ranking tracking.

SerpBook (14 free trial days)  – tracks your ranking on all your keywords. SerpBook checks your rankings ten times a day and offers complete reports.

CuteRank (free)  – this tool allows you to analyze your rankings very quickly. Also available for Mac.

Seo Hero Ninja  (free) – this free tool allows you to instantly know your ranking from 50 Google Datacenters without any limitations or restrictions.

SEMRush (available as a free version) –


 The Position Tracking feature allows you to track your website rankings for keywords selected from Google’s top 100 organics and paid search results. Daily updated data shows how your optimization efforts are moving your keyword rankings into paid and organic referrals over time.

Also, follow the ranking of the keywords of your competitors. A comparison of your rankings and those of your competitors highlights the search terms you need to focus on. You can add up to five competing domains in your tracking campaigns, but SEMrush will show you even more!

Complete SEO software

The 70 Best SEO Tools & Web Marketing Tools Free

These tools/software cover a lot of SEO issues, so I decided to put them (or post for some) in this category.

Serped (30-day money-back guarantee) – 

 Imagine that you have a tool that uses specific functions, just like Moz, Pingdom, Majestic SEO, SEMRUSH, and so on, all on one interface. This sequel to 45 Tools will get you stuck! You must be telling yourself that it must cost “one arm.” Not at all

Market Samurai (free version available)  – this tool has a complete and authoritative keyword research and competition analysis module. One of the best to my knowledge. Also, it offers a ranking tracking tool, domain search, content search, content publishing, and search for link opportunities.

SEO Powersuite (free version available)  – get a free version of RankTracker, Website Auditor, Spyglass SEO, and Link Assistant! 

Raven Tools (14 free trial days)  – Raven includes a suite of SEO tools that allow you, 

among other things, 

To crawl your site and perform a complete SEO audit and list all the problems encountered. It also addresses social media, content, PPC, and more. Try!

SEO Tools for Excel (free) – a great plugin (extension) for Excel that allows you to extract a large amount of data and metrics. This tool can even connect to your Google Analytics account to create powerful dashboards.

SEO Spyder (free version available)  – tool developed exclusively for MAC. SEO Spyder crawls your site and lists all the errors to fix.

SEMRush (available in the free version) – SEMRush is by far the complete tool available in French to date. It allows you to cover the following functionalities:

 Search for keywords, position tracking, monitoring & detailed competitive analysis,

 audit and review of backlinks, site audit (necessary, it’s not his strong point), analysis of the advertising strategy, analysis of performances on social networks, content analysis, etc 

Tools for social networks

The 70 Best SEO Tools & Web Marketing Tools Free

ManageFlitter (free version available)  – This tool can significantly increase the number of Twitter Followers that match your interests. It allows you to make your audience grow on Twitter.

BuzzBundle (free version available)  – developed by the team of SEO Powersuite, this tool allows you to increase your web popularity considerably and with disconcerting ease. It gives you access to all comments and discussion forums, blogs, social networks, Q / A sites depending on the keywords you enter. Imagine how you can find your audience and increase your traffic day after day 

SociSynd (1 USD for three days) – 

With its almost free trial version, SociSynd allows you to multiply the social signals Facebook Likes & shares, Pinterest Pins, tweets, etc. on any URL!

DripRevolution (7 free trial days)  – 

A great social signage service for your site, at the pace you want. The DripRevolution team manually creates social signals via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, Youtube, and many more!

HootSuite (30 Days Free Trial) – 

The tool I recommend, to manage your social networks Twitter, Facebook, You can, among other things, plan the dates and times at which to post your content on social networks. Try it!

TweetDeck (free version available) –

 Twitter tool in the desktop application version that manages your Twitter account.

Buffer (free) – Connect your social networking accounts to Buffer to easily share your content according to your planning on your social networks.

AdEspresso (14 days free trial) – Tool to create Facebook ads in the same way as with Power Editor but much more simply. You can create campaigns quickly by specifying the campaign name and targeting details. When you create your ads with AdEspresso, you can configure and test different variations very quickly. This tool can automatically check different images, titles, advertising content, etc. Just post the advertisement directly to Facebook, and when it’s approved, you’ll start seeing the results in front of your eyes.

Agorapulse (14 days free trial) – 

Social networking tool that works with the most significant social networks like,

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin.

 You can manage messages, plan and share publications, and measure all your social activities. AgoraPulse also includes a suite of applications to build engagement with your fans and followers. These applications make it possible, among other things, to launch competitions, which you can use to run contests, quizzes, lotteries, etc. It also offers an analytical performance report, downloadable, and customizable.

Brand24 (free version available)– 

A social media tool(brand24) that allows you to track your company/brand or your competitors’ social media, blogs, forums, etc. You will need, at first, to choose keywords on which to carry out the monitoring. It is possible to exclude keywords and perform monitoring only on the sites selected by you. Brand24 has iPhone and Android applications and gives the possibility to receive email alerts. This tool also allows you to create colorful reports, export the report to Excel, or automatically generate a graphic statement in the form of an infographic. Finally, he carries out sentimental analyzes, that is, the sorts by positive, negative, and neutral mentions.

TweetChat (free) – Offers some useful features to help you manage your Twitter chats. You can monitor and interact in a conversation filtered by a hashtag. This tool allows you to pause a conversation so that you can either reply, block, or highlight participants in a feed and delete retweets in a pasture. There is also a feature called “FavePages” that allows you to view all your favorite tweets and categorize them by date and hashtag. (7 days free trial) – This is a planning tool for Instagram. It allows the management of multiple accounts and will enable you to schedule videos and images. When content is sent, it saves so that you can quickly and regularly share it again. You can add multiple users to schedule your posts on your Instagram accounts and see who posted what.

WordPress plugins

The 70 Best SEO Tools & Web Marketing Tools Free

Social Warfare (free version available) – 

This tool is the plugin of shares that I use for my blog. He is very popular. You can customize the visual appearance of the buttons with more than 5000 possible combinations of styles. It also offers a custom Tweets feature that allows you to customize the message to share on Twitter. You can also upload an image to Pinterest and write a description, add a tweetable message (ClickToTweet) and manage the display of the meters as you see fit.

SumoMe (14-day free trial) – 

A suite of Growth Hacking tools to increase traffic, enrollment, conversion, and more. To try!

Social Locker (7 days free trial) – This social locker encourages your visitors to share content on social networks. Once the “unlocked lock,” they have access to your specific content.

S2 Member (free version available) –

 A plugin to manage your subscribers, very complete. S2 Member is elementary to use.

WPRobot (free version available) – in my opinion, by far, the best existing solution of auto-blogging. This plugin offers an incredible amount of functionality, but among other things, it can generate unique content from articles from a wide variety of resources. With this plugin, you can produce high quality, automatically powered blogs, which is perfect for creating level 1 backlinks.

Thirsty Affiliates (free) – I use this tool on my blog to manage all my affiliate links. Very easy to use with statistics to support. Among other things, it allows you to replace the original affiliate links with more visually digestible URLs.

Yoast SEO (free version available) – This WordPress plugin is a great help to optimize your site (SEO on-page) quickly and easily for better results. But beware, the success of your SEO campaign does not rely solely on an SEO plugin! He is only here to assist you, no more. It helps you, for example, keep your content in line with Google’s requirements by offering content analysis, easy management of Meta tags, and rich snippets, among others. It also includes features related to social networks. If your site is on WordPress, this is, without a doubt, the best SEO plugin. In any case, it’s the one I use personally.

Automation Marketing Tools

The 70 Best SEO Tools & Web Marketing Tools Free

Zapier (free) – This is an excellent tool for automating your marketing tasks. It allows us to interconnect different devices between them and to synchronize and automate the functions by using triggers and actions to apply. Each connection and engagement forms a ZAP. Here’s an example of Zap: “When someone books an appointment via a tool like” schedule once,” add the contact in an emailing tool like Mailchimp (action).” There is currently the possibility of interconnecting more than 500 applications & services.

Analysis and test tools

The 70 Best SEO Tools & Web Marketing Tools Free

Google Analytics (free) – This is (by far) the best tool available to track and analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns and the performance of your website.

This tool gives you an in-depth overview of everything that’s happening on your site – from visitor behavior & characteristics to conversions, to the knowledge of traffic sources, page views, bounce rates, referrals, and j ‘on the way…

Google Analytics also integrates with Adwords, which allows you to measure and optimize your campaigns.

Visual Website Optimizer (30 days free trial) – this tool allows us to perform A / B tests, among others. It is effortless to handle. You can set up and run tests in a few minutes without any help. To use the tool for A / B testing, simply copy/paste a snippet code into your website. Then you can do as many tests as you want on any page of your site. Its ‘drag & drop’ function allows you to change the elements of the page easily.

VWO also tracks revenue, enrollment, clicks, commitment, and other conversion goals.

Hotjar (free version available) –

 This tool provides data not provided by Google Analytics. It visually shows the behavior of the users: where they click, how they move, the recording of the mouse on the screen.

Visitor registration is a handy feature. You will be able to see how each user behaves on your site as if you were playing the spy apprentice. Hotjar also offers other features such as form analysis, feedback questionnaires, to help you understand the needs of visitors to your site.

TalkWalker (free trial version available) –

Talkwalker is a potent social media analytics tool. It provides comprehensive analysis and allows for monitoring through a wide range of platforms. The coverage area extends beyond 150 million sites and ten social networks. It provides tracking with 187 languages.

SEOmonitor (14 days free trial) – 

This powerful SEO tool provides you with beneficial information allowing you to examine the overall performance of your site in terms of SEO. You will be able to analyze data on your organic traffic. It includes a tool that calculates a visibility score based on the number of people who see your site in Google’s search results. You can use this SEOMonitor to perform a keyword search and look at statistics like “keyword opportunity,” “difficulty,” “Bounce Rate,” “CPC,” and revenue forecast.

Rival IQ (14 days free trial) –

 Rival IQ is a competitive analysis tool.

all you e indicated configure 

all competitors of your choice in tool to follow them by loan, 

to make the monitoring to compare

 The analytical data of their marketing with those of your Marketing. The tool makes it possible to compare the performances on the social networks, the organic keywords, the contents of the sites. Rival IQ allows you to track audience growth in terms of your competitors’ 

Followers, their best content, 

The volume of endorsements, organic traffic they get, and more. It’s the perfect tool to track the strengths and weaknesses of all your competitors over time.

Content Marketing Tools

The 70 Best SEO Tools & Web Marketing Tools Free

Buzzsumo (free version available) – It allows us to analyze the contents present on the web and to show which are the most shared and liked contents, whatever the domain or niche. Just type a keyword, and you will discover the most shared content for the keyword you entered. In addition to displaying the number of shares, it also shows the list of the most influential people who shared the article. It’s the perfect tool to find the essential content filtered by date, content type, language, and country. It also allows us to see the backlinks pointing on each found content as well as the authority of the referent domain, the number of followers, etc

Feedly (free) – Excellent tool that allows you to collect and play content from all your favorite blogs. You can subscribe to as many RSS feeds as you like and organize the content according to the corresponding categories. It’s the easiest way to curate content from your favorite publications. You can save or share posts on your social network accounts directly from the Feedly interface. Available in Web version and Android and IOS mobile applications.

BuzzStream (14 days free trial) – Buzzstream is ideal for managing and tracking your email communication actions with influencers. It allows you to create email templates and manage communication via the tool. It’s the perfect tool for those who want to manage their outreach email campaigns and track results effectively.

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