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 Best Robots in the World

A time of innovation and technological advancement. However, this continual and rapid development makes it increasingly challenging to be able to pinpoint precisely which robot can be considered better. Nevertheless, by dividing the robots into three categories, it is easier to research which robots are the best in their role

  1. Social, Humanoid Robots
  2.  Social, Non-Humanoid Robots
  3. The Best Industrial robots


The best way to explore the hierarchy of social robots is to divide them into humanoid and non-humanoid varieties since their roles and capabilities are so different.

Romeo Robot- 2020

Romeo – A helpful friend for the future

Romeo Robot 2020

“Romeo” is a unique robot created by Softbank Robotics, launched in 2009. The Romeo robot was invented as a robot companion with the ability to support and help the elderly and handicap

Unique and special qualities:
When Romeo was released, he will have the skill to develop the wellbeing of people around him. He will be able to help with daily tasks, assist when people have fallen over, make good conversations, and play individually designed games.

Romeo Robot Project 2020

Nao Robot- 2020

Nao Robot 2020

Initially released in 2008 and having been continually developed for over ten years, Nao Robot is one of the most iconic and best robots in the world now. Used as the standard platform for the robot cup, Nao has to be dynamic and agile.

Unique and special Features:
Nao Robot can interact with people but more significantly can work with Autistic children and run exercise sessions in elderly and care homes and hospitals. Nao robot has several varied uses and undertakes valuable work in local communities.

Nao robot 2020

ASIMO Robot -2020

asimo robot 2020

ASIMO is a robot created by Honda in 2000. Since then, it has been continually developed and has become one of the world’s best advanced social robots.
ASIMO can recognize moving objects, postures, gestures, understand its environment, and interact with humans.

Unique Features: ASIMO is currently the most physically capable social robot with the ability to walk, run, and even use the stairs.

Asimo Robot 2020

Walker Robot -2020

walker robot 2020

Walker robot was revealed in 2019 and is due to be released in the next year 2020 Walker is an agile, intelligent, smart humanoid robot. The latest version of walker is more advanced and powerful than ever, and it can interact with people and even can walk smoothly and super quickly and to grasp and manipulate heavy items.

Unique and special Features: Even though it has not been released yet, this walker robot has the potential to make future history. Walker may be the first commercially capable of working successfully, bipedal robot available to sale soon.

walker robot- 2020

Pepper Robot- 2020

pepper robot -2020

Pepper Robot was Introduced in 2014 showcased in Softbank’s mobile stores in Japan and has become introduced in Renault dealerships across France. and Europe

Unique and special Features: Pepper is the world’s first robot that is capable of recognizing human emotions and reactions. Pepper is social and smart, capable of having conversations with people, giving them directions, and even dancing with them.

Sanbot – 2020

sanbot 2020

Sanbot is an intelligent and smart robot, a cloud-enabled service robot developed by using Qihan technology.

Unique Features: Not only does Sanbot have the ability to interact with people, but it can also present using its front screen and even use its built-in projector to display graphics on a nearby wall, making Sanbot perfect for retail environments.
Slightly smaller than Pepper Robot, but under half the price, Sanbot is one of the leading social robots in the industry right now.

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